Whew! All done!

I spent the better part of the day patiently going through every single post on the blog, trying to label them and also formatting them into paragraphs, lists, etc instead of ugly line breaks every where.

And finally, I’m all done. Time to republish it to my FTP site. (I was using http://oookeeek.blogspot.com to make my life a bit easier.)

Another day, another phone…

Ever since I lost my phone in July, I’ve been putting off buying a new one because of a financial crunch (thanks to crappy employers under-paying me and the bloody malaria!) I kept using my 3-year old LG with it’s scratched body, non-functioning buttons and annoying interface!

Well, that LG finally breathed its last. It just switched itself off quietly and refused to come on again one morning. Typical. I was not ready to buy a new phone as yet but I had to spend on one now.

I had been lusting after the Sony Ericsson K810i. Mostly for its looks, but also for the decent 3.2MP camera it packed. It was more expensive than I wanted to spend, but I went ahead and bought it anyway. And I’ve never been happier about my phone!

It didn’t take me long to install a few games, Opera Mini and the GMail app. Not to mention SSH! Bliss!

Quitting a job is so much trouble

I finally did it. Quit from my fun but under-paid and over-worked job. Obviously the employers didn’t take it well. They’d just lost a guy that did all their donkey work for them without a complaint in the absence of any support team whatsoever. Desperate attempts were made to retain me (none of which involved a promotion, pay raise and support which would have actually worked.)

Instead I was threatened about how I was walking away from such a great deal and that I could have all the support I wanted in a month as long as I did the recruitment myself. (I’m sorry, what are HR departments for?) Wild promises were made about the future of the work I was doing and about the benefits of working for a “global” company with a “global” clientรจle. Yeah right.

My decision was made for me the moment my paltry pay raise came in and when I was offered a far, far better paid job at another company. And so I leave one marketing agency to join an online portal to manage one of their verticals. A lot more responsibility although just for one site, but accompanied with a good support team to help me realise my ideas.

New Phone!

Sony Ericsson K750i

After complaining about my old LG phone that never seemed to do what I wanted it to do, not even make or receive calls well, I finally went and bought a new phone.

While I had been planning to get one for a while, it was a mostly impulse buy as I had already decided on getting a Sony phone and did zero research beyond that. Well, not really, I actually decided what features I wanted and picked a phone that I could afford to buy and was quite happy with it. Except, when I went to the store, that model was not available anymore!

So I looked at other phones and while the shopkeeper kept trying to sell me a Nokia phone, I saw this nice looking K750i and decided I wanted it.

It had a MemoryStick Duo slot so I could increase the storage on it, it came with FM Radio, a media player and a 2 megapixel camera. Perfect. Or whatever. I wanted a new phone!

And that’s how I ended up with my new phone.

Of course, I spent the next couple of hours ignoring my girlfriend and transferring numbers from the old phone via the SIM and then playing with settings, clicking photos. Even at dinner!


I’ve added Google ads to my blog in the sidebar. Not like I expect to earn a lot of money (or any actually) but I just thought my almost non-existent readers should know! ๐Ÿ™‚

New Features!

For lack of anything else happening on this blog, I’ve spent most of last night plugging in some new (and mostly useless) features! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, basically, I’ve just tweaked the way commenting works and I’ve included Google/Blogger’s version of trackback which they call “Backlinks” (opens in a new window.)

Next, if you look to the right, you’ll see there’s a list of comments made on all the posts on the main page. If you click on the Date-Time stamp, it will take you to the item page for that blogpost and the relevant comment. Clicking on the usernames will take you to their Blogger profiles.

Also, the comments now appear on the main or archive pages too when you click on the comments link below a post. And (what I like the most) is that now I also list all the people who have commented on an entry!


Commenting anew….

I’ve switched Blogger’s commenting on and in a while I will remove the Haloscan comments. Not like anyone reads this, but what the heck. Oh and Emily, you were right, I guess! ๐Ÿ™‚

And kicking!

Just to keep people updated… To that non-existent group of people that actually are subscribed to my feed, the link has now changed to http://oook.freeshell.org/atom.xml.

Looking at my blog page, there’s just so much to do! And it’s really hard when you don’t even have the luxury of using your own computer. I’m actually typing this out on a clunky Celeron 266MHz powered machine. Yep. You read that right. 266MHz. Dinosaur. And more about dinosaurs in later posts. (wait for them!)

My sidebar is badly formatted and terribly out of date. At least with the currently reading list. I probably have to update my blogroll links too. Hopefully the Flickr Zeitgeist is working for everyone. Ain’t it cool? ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m gonna post this with the date of August 5th too, just to keep things consistent. Well, consistent to me, at least. You can go get confused. (For those who like these random factoids, today is actually the 1st of September!)

Right-ho… time to click that post button!

It’s alive!!

And just like that, it’s updated again. I’m going to start posting a bunch of back-dated entries. Starting with this one dated August 5th, for no other reason than that it’s my mom’s birthday and I love her very much! (awww! Isn’t that sweet? ;))

A lot has happened since then, and as I write more entries, those of you not in the know, will soon be!

I need to seriously overhaul this blog. I was busy trying to redesign it when I stopped writing. At the same time I was planning a move to some free webspace that I was graciously given by Hanni which has since gone.

So, lets just call this a little hiccup in the life of this blog and move on, ok?

I’m baaaaackkk!!

A change will do you good.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, eh? Well, then this devil has been busy. Very busy.

First off, reading a post on James’ blog, led me to Hanni who was offering webspace for free. Moocher that I am, I took her up on her offer and she very nicely set up the space along with Movable Type for me.

I was all excited about setting up an MT blog except that Blogger went and upgraded their services. So there you go. What was I to do? Well I loved some of the new templates in Blogger, I quickly appropriated one and modified it to what you see here. It took me all of half a day (including the photoshopping!) and I am, to be honest, quite proud of what I’ve done.

Blogger has added commenting but after a day of experimenting with it, I’ve decided to stick with Haloscan.

So what happens to the webspace that Hanni so generously gave me? Well, as of now, I installed Gallery there and I have some pictures up at http://oook.pinksocks.co.uk/gallery. At some point in the future I might finish my languishing personal website and have that hosted at pinksocks. And who knows, if I ever get off my butt and do something useful, I might just start writing another blog (something less personal and more themed possibly.)