An unlikely YouTube star

YouTube launched its Indian version a few days ago without much fanfare I guess. Or I don’t know, it might have been covered in the local newspapers, but I don’t look at any these days!

So what’s different about YouTube India? For one, the featured and promoted videos are all from India. Also, if you look at the top right corner, they’re promoting a special video to announce the launch of YouTube India.

This seemingly crotchety old Indian “uncle” is apparently some kind of You Tube star. In just over three months he has posted 500 videos! Mostly of him singing (not too well though) but also little tutorials on astrology, medicine and PHP(!)

With a droll sense of humour, and lines delivered with absolutely no expression on his face (or maybe that’s just the poor web cam) he is quite the unlikely star. Yet there he is. On the front page of You Tube India. Say hello to Dr. K Chaudhry


  1. He reminds me of the Maharashtrian uncle in the MTV ads of the ’90s (“you are a nonsense person!”). Does that ring a bell?

  2. This came up while I was hunting desperately (and fruitlessly) for the “you are a nonsense person” and related old ads, and when I saw the DiscWorld reference, I had to check it out. If anyone’s found the ads, please let me know!

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