Lying in bed, unable to sleep, I realised I always want what I can’t get. And once I have it, I’m not as interested any more.

This doesn’t seem to apply to my books though. 🙂


  1. A funny thing- I was in the middle of reading the “cartoon history of the world” series when I came across a picture of your bookshelf on flickr and what did I see there? The cartoon history series!

    You always get there first!

    (p.s. Yes I have bought it too. :))

    (p.p.s Have you seen the HBO series Rome? Methinks you might like.)

  2. Heh, I’ve owned that for about 6 years now. I also own most of Gonick’s Cartoon Guides.

    I haven’t seen Rome but I’ve heard of it. Guess I’ll try and catch it someday.

  3. 🙂 I was wondering if you were quoting a line from somewhere cause I heard very close to the same thing in a movie hehe.

    I get once you have something you were chasing after, the interest does die since you dont have to chase around for it.

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