I found a couple of old notepads that my friends and classmates had written farewells in from 7 years ago.

Darn it, something got in my eye… *sniff*


Lying in bed, unable to sleep, I realised I always want what I can’t get. And once I have it, I’m not as interested any more.

This doesn’t seem to apply to my books though. 🙂

Quitting a job is so much trouble

I finally did it. Quit from my fun but under-paid and over-worked job. Obviously the employers didn’t take it well. They’d just lost a guy that did all their donkey work for them without a complaint in the absence of any support team whatsoever. Desperate attempts were made to retain me (none of which involved a promotion, pay raise and support which would have actually worked.)

Instead I was threatened about how I was walking away from such a great deal and that I could have all the support I wanted in a month as long as I did the recruitment myself. (I’m sorry, what are HR departments for?) Wild promises were made about the future of the work I was doing and about the benefits of working for a “global” company with a “global” clientèle. Yeah right.

My decision was made for me the moment my paltry pay raise came in and when I was offered a far, far better paid job at another company. And so I leave one marketing agency to join an online portal to manage one of their verticals. A lot more responsibility although just for one site, but accompanied with a good support team to help me realise my ideas.


This is going to be a post filled with me griping about random things in my life. You have been warned. Stop reading now!

I’m very irritated with how lazy I can be. Laundry piles up at home because I keep putting it off. I also own a bunch of clothes and other crap that I don’t use but I’ve not got around to getting rid off! All of this contributes to how grubby my apartment is beginning to look and I get annoyed with that too.

I’m annoyed with the company that employs me because even though I was supposed to be appraised and given a raise in April that’s been put off for more than 4 months now. While the appraisal itself happened in July, I’m still waiting for the promised raise.

The knock on effect of not getting my raise means I’m still living frugally and have to keep putting off the purchase of “luxuries” like new sheets for my bed or bookcase for my books. My books continue to languish in boxes or just lie around gathering dust which makes me very very irritated!

I also want a new laptop, my HP Pavilion is 5 years old, has no working battery, 1 or 2 broken keys, USB ports that are loose and wiggly and a power port that is loose and needs to held in place just right or it will turn off. Amazingly enough, the hard disk which is just over 4 years old is going strong, my speakers still work well and the screen is still in good shape after I replaced the backlight about 2 years ago.

I seem to be back in the “loner” mode that I was in for year or so in 2002-2003 but I don’t feel too bad about it this time. While people still tell me its weird to go watch a movie on my own or sit at a coffee shop reading a book, I’m perfectly happy doing that. What’s so weird about doing things on your own anyway??

I’ve have so many other things to grumble about, but I’m running out of time now. Bah! That’s worth a grumble too!

You didn’t need to know that…

…I’m writing this post ’cause I’m bored

…I’m also only writing it cause my friends, Ruchi and Vikram wrote something like this before.

…I’m going to be nasty and keep the “juicy” stuff for later in the list

…I’ve never wanted to be an “engine driver” that all boys seem to want to be at some point of time in their lives.

…I’m a bigger geek than you think I am. I’m quite likely more nerdy than you think I am!

…I’ve actually asked someone to marry me and then watched as she went off and married someone else!

…I’ve kissed another guy, albeit only on a dare. (And no we weren’t drunk. Or at least, not drunk enough!)

…When I was a kid, I’d lie in bed thinking of what it would be like to be dead and buried and have maggots crawling through my body.

…I’m mostly egotistical, but sometimes egoistical.

…I cannot play chess to save my life.

…My parents didn’t get cable TV until 2004 and I don’t live with them anyway. So I grew up with the only option being Doordarshan. I’ve never watched much TV in my life and I’m still not tempted to.

…I used to spend huge amounts of time online and the only reason I don’t anymore is that I can’t afford broadband in India!

…the longest conversation I’ve had with someone lasted almost 6 hours. (Yes, I’ve seen Before Sunrise and Before Sunset too)

…If it wasn’t apparently already, I like to talk, but I’m also a good listener.

…I’ve only ever tried marijuana. Three times. It didn’t work even once. Damn!

…I never had a nickname in school or college. I made one up for myself. It didn’t catch on. Don’t ask.

…I think Terry Pratchett is one of the coolest writers alive. No wait, Neil Gaiman is… um, maybe Iain M Banks, well Douglas Adams is certainly the coolest writer dead, but that sounds morbid. Oh well.

…I love my parents to bits, but most times I get bored talking to them, so I really envy the people who can.

…I can’t balance a two-wheeler.

…I fooled you about the “juicy” bits at the end. This is all there is. Until I can think of some more.

Life as I know it

This used to be the name of a friend’s blog, she has since changed it. Twice. 🙂

Anyway, I decided I was not boring the few readers I do have enough, so I might as well write about my daily routine… hehe

So prop up those eyelids, fasten those seat belts (so you can’t run away) and away we go…

So the first interesting thing, I teach at an all girls’ college. Which means, being the cool, young prof makes me very popular (or so I like to think!) The department doesn’t have me take any lectures or assign work to students, so no one hates me yet. I spend most of my day talking students through their work, their lab experiments or any other questions they may have. The general purpose trouble-shooter, thats me.

The main mandate of my job though is to take care of the department’s intstrumentation needs. Currently, this means I have to co-ordinate the negotiations and purchases of a million different things since we have just received a sizable grant. This part is not fun, except when I get to ask the college to issue huge sums of money! 😉 But once all the instruments are ordered and delivered and installed, it means I have so many toys to play with! Yay!

The worst bit of my day is the commute. I spend anything from 45 to 90 minutes travelling one way to work. But this can’t be helped, Bombay is that kind of a city. I’m still working out a good routine which will help me minimise this travel time. Of course, I can’t really fix that since I haven’t yet found a place of my own to stay and am still living with relatives.

/me pokes everyone reading… Hey! Wake up!