An unlikely YouTube star

YouTube launched its Indian version a few days ago without much fanfare I guess. Or I don’t know, it might have been covered in the local newspapers, but I don’t look at any these days!

So what’s different about YouTube India? For one, the featured and promoted videos are all from India. Also, if you look at the top right corner, they’re promoting a special video to announce the launch of YouTube India.

This seemingly crotchety old Indian “uncle” is apparently some kind of You Tube star. In just over three months he has posted 500 videos! Mostly of him singing (not too well though) but also little tutorials on astrology, medicine and PHP(!)

With a droll sense of humour, and lines delivered with absolutely no expression on his face (or maybe that’s just the poor web cam) he is quite the unlikely star. Yet there he is. On the front page of You Tube India. Say hello to Dr. K Chaudhry

Here comes another bubble

This hilarious video by an a capella group called The Richter Scales is about the current tech bubble (Facebook = $15 billion, really?) and sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

My favourite bits? “Blog, blog even if you’re wrong” plays over a clip of Robert Scoble whiteboarding away. And also “29, past my prime” shows a guy labeled as “Product Manager.” Ouch! (Guess what my age and designation is?)

Oh and there’s also a “blog this song,” so I’m just doing my part.

The Blue Link Road up a Flagpole

Like most people that spend a lot of time on the internet, I’m guilty of following the “Blue Link Road.”

Today while actually trying to find some good WordPress themes, I came across this video on a blog called Ninja Monkeys!

Not only did I discover a new social-networky video sharing site, but I also discovered some new music. I am now officially addicted to Harvey Danger!

And here’s the really cool thing about Harvey Danger, they’re offering their latest album as free download on their website!

Yippie! Added to my torrents, hopefully I’ll have a lot of new music to listen to tomorrow!

Oh yeah, the video. It’s a lip-dubbed video by a bunch of people in an office. And it’s gotten so popular on the internet, it’s now the number 1 result on Google for “lip dub!” Don’t miss the really cute (hot?) woman that starts the video off… 😉

More about “Cog”

Just this morning I blogged about that commercial for the Honda Accord. A little googling found a couple more sites about it.

This is the official Honda site. It’s almost like a DVD with extras and special features like behind the scenes, etc. Fun if you’re looking for a way to waste a couple of hours. (Like I need to look for a way!)

What I also found was this site which had the movie in Quicktime. Much better than the grainy flash video. Yay! It doesn’t have a domain name, so I don’t know how permanent that site is.

Rube Goldberg would be proud!

In a thread about our favourite commericials on one of the orkut communities I belong to, someone mentioned this Honda Accord commerical.

What can I say? It’s brilliant! Apparently, no CGI used at all, and it took them 606 takes to get it just right. (Seems ironic once you hear the line at the end of the commercial!)