More about “Cog”

Just this morning I blogged about that commercial for the Honda Accord. A little googling found a couple more sites about it.

This is the official Honda site. It’s almost like a DVD with extras and special features like behind the scenes, etc. Fun if you’re looking for a way to waste a couple of hours. (Like I need to look for a way!)

What I also found was this site which had the movie in Quicktime. Much better than the grainy flash video. Yay! It doesn’t have a domain name, so I don’t know how permanent that site is.

Rube Goldberg would be proud!

In a thread about our favourite commericials on one of the orkut communities I belong to, someone mentioned this Honda Accord commerical.

What can I say? It’s brilliant! Apparently, no CGI used at all, and it took them 606 takes to get it just right. (Seems ironic once you hear the line at the end of the commercial!)