Facebook ads

Today Facebook began displaying advertisements in the “news feed” you see on your home page. Here’s an example of one I saw today

When I clicked on the link in that ad, it took me to a page displaying this video

While a single ad in my news feed is not going to bother me much, I don’t know whether I’d feel the same if there are going to be many of them scattered through the feed. Also, it doesn’t look like this ad has been contextually targeted (unless Facebook knows something about me I don’t?) But I’m sure they have that idea lurking around somewhere.

What was really interesting though was that the ad was being served through DoubleClick which is in the process of being acquired by Google. So all those guys predicting the downfall of Google at the hands of Facebook might want to re-think their arguments a bit! 🙂

Yes, yes I know that’s not precisely what Scoble was saying, but I still think he’s full of hot air. 😛


I’ve added Google ads to my blog in the sidebar. Not like I expect to earn a lot of money (or any actually) but I just thought my almost non-existent readers should know! 🙂

GMail ads

Just some funny stuff I see as ads when I use GMail.

This set of ads I get when I’m viewing the introductory email from Google. Talk about advertising yourself! 😉 What’s also funny is the related pages section, one of the pages is returning a 404, but that doesn’t faze Google. hehehe..

And this was when I was viewing another mail which mentioned “GMail” in the text a couple of times. Google really believes in fair play, don’t they? 😉

More about “Cog”

Just this morning I blogged about that commercial for the Honda Accord. A little googling found a couple more sites about it.

This is the official Honda site. It’s almost like a DVD with extras and special features like behind the scenes, etc. Fun if you’re looking for a way to waste a couple of hours. (Like I need to look for a way!)

What I also found was this site which had the movie in Quicktime. Much better than the grainy flash video. Yay! It doesn’t have a domain name, so I don’t know how permanent that site is.

Rube Goldberg would be proud!

In a thread about our favourite commericials on one of the orkut communities I belong to, someone mentioned this Honda Accord commerical.

What can I say? It’s brilliant! Apparently, no CGI used at all, and it took them 606 takes to get it just right. (Seems ironic once you hear the line at the end of the commercial!)