The Blue Link Road up a Flagpole

Like most people that spend a lot of time on the internet, I’m guilty of following the “Blue Link Road.”

Today while actually trying to find some good WordPress themes, I came across this video on a blog called Ninja Monkeys!

Not only did I discover a new social-networky video sharing site, but I also discovered some new music. I am now officially addicted to Harvey Danger!

And here’s the really cool thing about Harvey Danger, they’re offering their latest album as free download on their website!

Yippie! Added to my torrents, hopefully I’ll have a lot of new music to listen to tomorrow!

Oh yeah, the video. It’s a lip-dubbed video by a bunch of people in an office. And it’s gotten so popular on the internet, it’s now the number 1 result on Google for “lip dub!” Don’t miss the really cute (hot?) woman that starts the video off… 😉