New Features!

For lack of anything else happening on this blog, I’ve spent most of last night plugging in some new (and mostly useless) features! 🙂

Well, basically, I’ve just tweaked the way commenting works and I’ve included Google/Blogger’s version of trackback which they call “Backlinks” (opens in a new window.)

Next, if you look to the right, you’ll see there’s a list of comments made on all the posts on the main page. If you click on the Date-Time stamp, it will take you to the item page for that blogpost and the relevant comment. Clicking on the usernames will take you to their Blogger profiles.

Also, the comments now appear on the main or archive pages too when you click on the comments link below a post. And (what I like the most) is that now I also list all the people who have commented on an entry!



  1. Smartypants!

    Yeah trackbacks are cool. Just be warned that they are also a powerful tool for spams and generating infinite loops.

    I do hope that Blogger has some strong anti-spam features. Moi has suffered due to trackbacks on my blog.

  2. Yeah, but Blogger’s trackback is not really a trackback. Instead it uses Google’s BlogSearch to find which pages/blogs are linking back here and that’s what it lists out. So I shouldn’t have any trouble.

    Of course, the fact that no one reads my blog anyway helps too! 😀

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