Bah! Diwali!

Diwali, the festival of light in India is supposed to be a fun festival. It represents the triumph of good over evil. All in all, a good thing, no?

But no, Diwali means I get woken up at 6:30am everyday by the kid next door firing a cap gun incessantly. It also means I can’t sleep early at night because kids elsewhere are bursting firecrackers. Its a festival of light, where did the damned noise come in from? And, if the dust in Bombay was not enough to irritate your nose, lets add some acrid sulphur dioxide! Bah!

3 replies on “Bah! Diwali!”

Who needs an excuse to blow stuff up?

I dunno, though…with no more sleep than I’ve been getting lately, I’d probably go out and shoot a few firecrackers back at them :p

Lucky you. Atleast it felt like Diwali. I tried hard to recreate the Diwali spirit, but it didn’t really work. Yeah the firecrackers are a pain, but you kinda miss them when you don’t get any 🙂

As a rule, I hate the loud crackers.. the only exception is this MFing long “maala” that this one guy in my colony lights every year on Bhav-Bheej.. it’s awesome!!!!

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