Blog? What’s that?

I just discovered that Blogger’s spellcheck doesn’t recognise blog or blogger as words and suggests block and blouse for the former and blocker, Bulgaria and bleaker for the latter!

Commenting anew….

I’ve switched Blogger’s commenting on and in a while I will remove the Haloscan comments. Not like anyone reads this, but what the heck. Oh and Emily, you were right, I guess! 🙂

A change will do you good.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, eh? Well, then this devil has been busy. Very busy.

First off, reading a post on James’ blog, led me to Hanni who was offering webspace for free. Moocher that I am, I took her up on her offer and she very nicely set up the space along with Movable Type for me.

I was all excited about setting up an MT blog except that Blogger went and upgraded their services. So there you go. What was I to do? Well I loved some of the new templates in Blogger, I quickly appropriated one and modified it to what you see here. It took me all of half a day (including the photoshopping!) and I am, to be honest, quite proud of what I’ve done.

Blogger has added commenting but after a day of experimenting with it, I’ve decided to stick with Haloscan.

So what happens to the webspace that Hanni so generously gave me? Well, as of now, I installed Gallery there and I have some pictures up at At some point in the future I might finish my languishing personal website and have that hosted at pinksocks. And who knows, if I ever get off my butt and do something useful, I might just start writing another blog (something less personal and more themed possibly.)

Damn Blogger!!

No, I love them. I really do… but darn it! Just as I got some free webspace and a Movable Type installation to play with, Blogger goes and adds new templates and spruces up their site and services. Now they have commenting also. What do I do with Haloscan? Just lose my old comments?? *sigh*

And of course, it looks very nice, but it’s still a little buggy. It randomly refuses to publish and sometimes the progress is just stuck at 0% or 44% or whatever.