And kicking!

Just to keep people updated… To that non-existent group of people that actually are subscribed to my feed, the link has now changed to

Looking at my blog page, there’s just so much to do! And it’s really hard when you don’t even have the luxury of using your own computer. I’m actually typing this out on a clunky Celeron 266MHz powered machine. Yep. You read that right. 266MHz. Dinosaur. And more about dinosaurs in later posts. (wait for them!)

My sidebar is badly formatted and terribly out of date. At least with the currently reading list. I probably have to update my blogroll links too. Hopefully the Flickr Zeitgeist is working for everyone. Ain’t it cool? 🙂

I’m gonna post this with the date of August 5th too, just to keep things consistent. Well, consistent to me, at least. You can go get confused. (For those who like these random factoids, today is actually the 1st of September!)

Right-ho… time to click that post button!

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