Lost phone

Earlier this week, I lost my phone. Yep, the same one I just bought a few months ago. 🙁

Which made me think, since all phones have a unique IMEI number, why isn’t there some sort of national registry where I can lodge my IMEI number (after proving that I indeed purchased that phone.)

The purpose? All service providers in the country will be required to constantly check with this registry and search their networks for the phone with that IMEI number

They could then track the user of that phone and thus return the lost/stolen phone to its rightful owner!

Wishful thinking…


Das Bounce

With all the time on my hands (sounds messy, doesn’t it? ok, ok, don’t groan!) and with no friends willing to help me spend it, I’ve been trying to figure out someway to kill it alone.

Usually I end up going for a movie, grab a bite to eat and head home. But all the movies showing are quite blah. Top of the blah list being “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” which I actually spent money on last week (including the super expensive snacks in the theatre.) What happened was I sat cramped in a corner seat surrounded by townie kids, and got bored through most of the movie except to appreciate the special effects. (Though I kept expecting the dragon to talk in Sean Connery’s voice, but all it did was bleat a bit. Oh, ok, it roared.)

So here’s my great idea for this weekend (and don’t tell me you thought of it already!) I’m going to bounce around the city on the local trains. Maybe pack a thermos of coffee and book and just sit on the train reading it. Since I have a season ticket, it won’t cost me anything. I don’t have to be worried about someone telling to get out (like they do in crowded cafe’s once you’ve finished your coffee) and I still get to see interesting people. That is, since its the weekend, I assume it won’t just be the yuppies going to the stock exchange to make their next million.

So that’s my plan for Sunday. Expect a post here saying what a stupid idea it was next week. (Of course, I’d expect comments telling me its stupid idea, but no one really comments here anymore.)