Must read comics obsessively!

(post title style borrowed from a friend. You know who you are.)

A few days ago samudrika introduced me to Ctrl-Alt-Del, an online comic strip that’s mostly about games.

I took a look at it, liked it and added the RSS feed to my Netvibes comics tab and forgot about it for a few days.

This afternoon, I was a bit bored and visited the website to read a few strips. Within minutes I was giggling at the geeky jokes and decided I need to read it from the start. Except, the first comic was published in October 2002 and repeatedly clicking “Next” on the webpage got tiresome.

So I quickly viewed the source of the comic page to figure out which directory the images were saved in and the pattern of the file names. After that it was simple matter of writing a small script that generated all the file names for a given set of dates and add them to my download manager.

About an hour later thanks to broadband, I had every single Ctrl-Alt-Del strip…

And now I’ve already plowed through the first three years of the strip and I don’t plan on stopping soon… 🙂

I’m writing a blog…

I saw this hilarious cartoon on Get Fuzzy.

For those not in the know, Get Fuzzy is a pretty cool newspaper strip about a cartoonist, his pet cat and dog. Sounds familiar? But unlike that other strip, this one is actually funny albeit in a sort of edgy way.

Outsourced humour

For being so totally lazy and not updating this blog, even though I promised, I’m trying to make up by posting this little comic I found on my hard disk while cleaning up sundry folders.

Jokes about outsourcing, holidays, Americans, Indians, Bush, what more do you want? 🙂

(Click the thumbnail for the full size version)

Marriage in the US

Found this really funny comic strip on Salon

You may need to watch an advertisment for 10 seconds or thereabouts if you don’t have a subscription. But trust me, the comic is worth it!