Long live the Laptop!

For months (nay, years!) I have been considering buying a new laptop. I just couldn’t scrape up the money to do so. (Buying books, DVDs and eating out all the time coupled with a sucky pay will do that to you.)

After getting my back pay from my previous job and getting a better paid job, I finally could afford to buy a new laptop. But so many choices and decisions had to be made. It didn’t help that I moved to a new city and so had to spend a lot of money on setting up home once more.

Once the bank account was looking healthier, I started looking around. When I saw an advertisement for the Sony Vaio CR series, I was quite taken with them. Since the price was just slightly above my budget, I decided I would buy one.

Random expenses cropped up and I kept putting off the purchase. Then I also read a lot of bad reviews for the computer online, besides which I had second thoughts about the lack of certain features like a graphics card with dedicated memory, the weight and size, etc. (Apparently, the present models have a graphics card, albeit an ATI one.)

Also, while the exterior of the laptop looked quite cool, I wasn’t too happy with the keyboard, which looked a bit small (and too Apple-y!)

All of this coupled with the fact that I was a little uneasy about splurging so much money just to get a “cool” laptop, made me decide against a Sony.

Just then, someone pointed out the new XPS laptops from Dell and I fell in love immediately!

A fast processor, good graphics card, appropriate amounts of memory for Vista, good sized hard disk, a DVD writer and all of this in a light-weight machine that was just about 2kg.

When my brother told me he could get an employee discount at Dell, that just sealed the deal. But, I had to wait a couple of months more. A few mix ups with which bank account my money should be in to pay for the machine delayed the whole ordering process. And when I did finally place the order, the website told me the estimated delivery date was a month away!

But she’s finally here. I received the laptop a full two weeks ahead of the “estimated” delivery date, much to my surprise and joy. She’s been christened Zippy, a “cuter” name than the last laptop had.

While I did save on the laptop because of the discount, I’ve been a bit splurge happy since, buying a new USB flash drive to port a few things and a laser bluetooth mouse to accompany the laptop. Not to mention that I also bought a copy of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars to play

Oh well, I shall just have to starve for the next couple of weeks!

Welcome Zippy, and here’s to many great hours of games and blogging!

P.S. I bought the black one.


  1. YAY! I’m a big fan of the XPS. Some people at work have it and I’m trying to push for something to replace my millstone of a Vostro. Out here they come in these promotional black and maroon bags that are quite cool! Did you get the wireless headphones with it?

    Finally, Dell’s estimated delivery date is almost always 2 or more weeks further than the actual. They told me they did that to protect against lawsuits.

  2. Whats wrong with the keyboard being too Apple-y?

    I’m not a big fan of Apple products. So I wouldn’t like it. I haven’t used the MacBook much, but I don’t like the feel of the keyboard.

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