I’m considering doing a re-design of the blog. And this time I want to try and do everything myself (from making the tiny bullet gifs to the header image) except, I’m shit at design. So, any one want to give me a leg up? Ideas, maybe even a complete mock up would be appreciated. Don’t worry about creating the CSS & HTML, I can do that myself. All I need is a image of what the design should be like. The banana bullets will probably stay. 🙂

Secondly, domains are so cheap now, I’m considering buying my own domain and pointing Google at it, so that I can then use all the new blogger features. The problem is is already taken. is available though. Should I buy that one? Anyone got better suggestions? I need to keep it relatively close to the blog name which I don’t want to change.


  1. If you’re keeping the primate thing, oookeek is cute, and memorable (other than how many vowels to use).

  2. @Dylan: Criticism is appreciated, but you’re not making any helpful suggestions either. Hmmm. I might have to rethink the “More useful” rating I gave you on a Facebook app. 😛

  3. My suggestion is to make them not look like dabs of toothpaste!

    Actually, I quite like the dabs of toothpaste. But I guess you could color them yellow again.

  4. haha you sure arent going to get a mock up from me.

    But lets talk about the domain (at least that is something I understand).

    You definitely want a .com? I would always want a .com too – all the others seem secondary. is good. What about (assuming if 3 o’s are gone then 2 o’s have to have gone before that but worth checking). Or you can go for – its easier than oookeeek I think.

  5. Hey Deepali, just saw your comments today.

    I’ve already bought, I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything else! 🙂

    And yeah, the way the internet is today, everyone automatically adds a .com to a domain, so it’s easier to just stick with what people will remember.

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