Some people are lucky…

…but I’m not.

I just read this article at Reader’s Digest where they dropped 30 phones in different cities of the world and then called the “lost” phones to see if people would pick them up and return them.

Apparently, Mumbai rated 5th on this survey with 24 of the 30 phones being returned!

Wish I was that lucky! 🙁

3 replies on “Some people are lucky…”

i wish you would not have lost your mobile and ppl at ur office would pick up the receiver at the other end.

how are you keeping after coming out from the hospital. the WIRELESS things is really wurking i got this messg from a Bangalore chick and then i tell this to a bangalore guy who tells me later tat u have lost ur mobile………….get it touch wit me 9324236697…………u asshole see how i have to get in touch with u via all this…………..AND i thought u were intrested in stocks……….but pls take care of your health

2 weeks ago my cousin returned a phone she found on the street outside her apartment complex… and received a bottle of bubbly for her ‘trouble’.


(I’m so out of sync with all blogs!!! Catching up this Sunday night. Though I’d all but given up on this one!)

Hey! I’ve posted fairly consistently for the last couple of months. At least twice every month. Maybe I should give up on YOUR blog? Where are all the stories from Oz?

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