Foul air

Last week, I caught malaria. Damn you, Anopheles gambiae

I delayed going to a doctor by a couple of days and that led to the fever being so severe, I didn’t eat much and was dehydrated by Saturday.

I was then rushed to hospital by friends (who wanted to smack me for being so stupid) and was put on a glucose iv drip.

I was also administered an anti-malarial through iv for 3 days.

Well, I’m out now, and back to work. My appetite is back to normal too. I now have to take a pill everyday for two weeks as part of what’s called a “radical cure.”


  1. Tool must be psychic. He called me a couple of days ago (The first time in months.) and wanted to know if you were down with something. I’ve informed him of your stricken condition by SMS. Wouldn’t be surprised if he caught the next flight to Bombay and inflicted his own brand of TLC on you. Evil! Serve you right for living in a dog-damned swamp.

    Take care.

    PS Since you’ve probably lost my number along with your phone … +91-9862097557.

  2. @Vanlal: Didn’t lose anyone’s number. My phone book was backed up almost daily on my computer. 🙂

    BTW, do you think it’s a good idea putting your phone number out in public? 🙂

    @Becca: I’m much much better now, although I’ve got a killer appetite.

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