A proper domain name for the blog

Finally the blog has a proper home… I used the free DynDNS redirection service to give my blog a home at I agree not the prettiest name, but it certainly a lot better than the old URL to my school space and besides which, now people reading my blog don’t have to know which school I go to! 🙂

Hopefully this is the first step in keeping this blog up-to-date on a more regular basis. (Fingers crossed and all that!)

Today was a boring and very very uneventful day… I spent most of it sleeping or chatting on GNE. I seem to be making a lot more friends there in spite of the fact that I can bore the hell out of anyone by my constant inane chat.. hehehe.

I actually took the trouble of cooking dinner tonight and then my flatmate comes home and cooks something again… It’s getting really bugging since he always seems to have a problem with my cooking and can’t stop telling the world what a great cook he is… It shouldn’t piss me off so much, but it does! oh, well…

I’ve still not gone shopping for my trip home… my usual procrastination in action again.

Sheeesh… I even put off watching movies. The DVD for Suraj Ka Satwan Ghoda is sitting on top of the player for the last three days!! I’ve always wanted to see this Benegal movie and now that it’s here, I just can’t seem to get the energy to watch it!

I also have a ton of papers to grade, dammit man, do some work!!

Ok, first step, I shall go to sleep now, so that I can wake up before noon tomorrow and get some work done!