a blogging we will go

Watching everyone on GNE going on about NaNoWriMo, persuaded me to make another entry in the blog and hopefully keep it going regularly from now on…

News here is that in a couple of weeks I will be heading home for about a month! Yay!! I still have to do some kind of shopping out here, get some things to take home and some stuff for sundry friends.

I haven’t planned anything to do in India yet, I think I’ll just snuggle up in bed at home and read books and go out and get sloshed with friends at night. That’s as planned as it’s going to be!

Terrific, just doing a Google Image search for pics of Aishwarya Rai and most of the links are very crappy pics of her!! Where are all the nice pictures gone?? And why doesn’t she have an official site?? (and before anyone complains about why in heck I’m looking for pics of Ash, well, it’s ’cause a friend here wanted to see… so there!)

sleeeeeeeepy now… ‘night


Complete Waste of Time, that’s what it means… handy little acronym I picked up from a friend who actually has a folder named CWOT where he dumps all the random stuff from the Internet he is always downloading.

late night chats

Wow… August 11th!! Even I didn’t think it was such a long time since I first made an entry here….

Well, it just dropped into my head that I had a blog… actually was looking at my AFS at school and saw the blog folder, so decided to make an entry.

Late night chats… hmmm… it seems to be what I occupy myself with these days, either on the phone or on MSN. On MSN mostly chatting with niki as she’s the only other insomniac on at that time.

Reminds me of the days in Baroda when we’d all sit at Webnet plonking away at keyboards, I’d usually be on IRC hunting for books at #bookwarez while Saurabh would be determined to find some videos to watch… After that, we’d end up at the bus station at 3 or 4am drinking chai and eating bhajias… ah… those were the days!! 🙂

Hey… now ushma’s online too and we’re having a conference… These two are generally pulling my leg… what to do…

hmmm… a title

Ah… finally I put up the blog I’ve been meaning to for donkey’s years. Any one who reads the works of Terry Pratchett will have noticed that I’ve shamelessly borrowed my nickname and the title for my blog from him. Well… consider it homage paid to the “greatest author alive!”

It’s the middle of the night as I sit and type this out for a friend whose nickname is nite!! (Ok, ok so sue me for terrible prose, but like I said… it’s the middle of the night!)

To be honest I don’t really know how often I can or will update this, but I’m determined to at least try to make an entry once a week. So, ready or not world… here comes oook’s blog!

I’m falling behind on work terribly… I have to write an article for a friend, write a million letters to people, write a paper for school, and write god knows what else… and now I’m adding this blog to it. Am I masochistic or what?

Ok, as you might have noticed my style of writing tends to be rambling, is it any wonder I title my blog the random wanderings of an orang utan?

And for those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about… go read the books of Terry Pratchett… more info at the LSpace Website

As for me… I end today’s entry here! oook!