GMail!!! and more!

So then, this blogging has paid off in one way at least! Today, Blogger (as a service owned by Google) has invited me to sign up for GMail. Woooo hoooo!!

/me dances around in joy!

So yes, I went right off and created my GMail account. It’s quite nice and I like it. Maybe in a future post I will post some screenshots and more impressions about it. For now suffice it to say I’m very excited!

What’s more then? Well, I was poking about Jason Shellen’s blog and at the bottom I saw a link to bStats. This is a website stats thing provided by Blogger! And I never knew about it!! It used to be only for the Blogger Pro (read paid) users, but since Blogger Pro has been eliminated, it works for everyone now! Wooo hooo again. I went and installed that into my blogger template too. I’m not removing my eXTReMe Tracking counter yet. But If I grow to like bStats (which I think I will), out goes the eXTReMe tracker!

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