The Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments

Now if only science experiments in schools and colleges were like this!

What a great way to learn about the contents of carbonated beverages, a common candy, materials science (the surface of the Mentos), theories about boiling, phase transitions, nucleation sites… and more!

(If you’re too lazy to wait for the video to download and watch it, it’s these two guys from who have made very elaborate fountains using Diet Coke and Mentos. Put a Mentos into a two litre bottle of Diet Coke and voila, instant fountain. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but still relatively simple. Watch the video, it’s a lot of fun! And well choreographed!)


  1. NeuroGirl says:

    this is so cool…wish i had the time to try out something like this…someone setting the syllabus, should include this as a project 🙂

  2. the layman says:

    you know those experiments make me wonder – if i drink a diet coke and then swallow two mentos, what happens? 🙂

  3. greyarea says:

    ok first of all, IM greyarea, not yous..So stop trying to front with my docs..Also Im not sure what is more worth it when it comes to this video. The inspiration it can trigger in young kids minds or how much food could have been bought for starving people with the ammount of money spent on diet-coke to make this vid. I still enjoyed it. Not as much as the rockets of fear though.peace./greyarea

  4. Dylan says:

    What rockets of fear?The first time someone sent me this link I couldn’t get it to work. This time it streamed real badly (viewing it from work), but still very cool. I’m gonna go home and watch it again! Question: Does it *have* to be diet?

  5. GreyArea says:

    Dylan, that wasn’t me. Some poor sod on the net who thinks he’s the first one to use the id greyarea! 😛

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