I’m geeky about being geeky. Name a geeky interest or hobby and it’s bound to be something I do. Mostly though I’m a science geek. And a computer geek. Well, sf too. Uh, did I mention comics? The internet? Movies? You get the picture.

So when I had to choose a domain name, what else could it be? Absolute Geeky! (And the grammer geek in me is pointing out that the name is not grammatically correct…)

Absolute Geeky began as an experiment in collaborative blogging with a few friends. I installed WordPressMU so that we could run multiple blogs with many users from a single installation. But, it was not to be. While we did have a flurry of posts on science, technology, cricket and atheism briefly, it soon died down as my fellow authors got busy with jobs, life and in one case, marriage.

After a couple of years stagnating, with the occassional post from me, I finally moved things around, set up a single WordPress installation and turned Absolute Geeky into my own personal blog. While I have been writing a personal blog since August 2003 elsewhere, that blog too stuttered for a while and so I recently shut  it down and archived it.