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I picked a new theme for the blog. It’s called Cleanr and mostly lives up to its name. I haven’t had the time to poke around or customise it, but maybe I’ll do that next weekend.

I suppose this might also make me post here more often? 😉


Good question. I first thought about writing on my personal blog about atheism a while ago when I read the blog of a high school student in the US who was being persecuted at school for being atheist. I can’t for the life of me find that blog and all I remember is that it was hosted at and that he was using that ugly yellowish-polka-dot theme.

But if you meant why am I an atheist. Well, that requires a longer answer and one that a single blogpost would not suffice. Simply put though, atheism makes sense. If you’re of a scientific bent of mind and you honestly think about things, there really isn’t any reason to posit the existance of gods.

Maybe more in future posts… 🙂 Welcome!

Welcome back!

If you’ve been following us at the Blogspot blog, its great to see you here! While we’re still sort of working out how this blog is going to shape up here (including a name change possibly), the content is not going to change.

I guess a science blog will fit right in at a site called Absolute Geeky! What’s the story behind that name? Well, I’d long wanted my own domain and when I finally decided to go ahead and book it, I decided my geekiness is what sets me apart from most people. So I didn’t have to spend too much time figuring out what should be called (and thanks to A for the suggestion.)

Expect to see some new posts here real soon now since I’ve berated Madgenius and Samudrika for not posting, they’ve both assured me that they have new posts up their sleeve.