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Time to gloat…

… for a little while at least! 😉

I’ve been an enthusiastic (and decent) quizzer for most of my college years in Bangalore. Ever since I moved to Bombay, I’ve not had much chance to take part in any quizzes until the Bombay Quiz Club came around.

They’re a group of quizzers that coalesced to do some informal quizzing every so often in Bombay. One thing led to another and they now have a mostly fixed schedule of meeting every two weeks for some intensive quizzing and recently they’ve even decided to formalise the organisation.

But even though they’re more than a year old, I never got around to attending a quiz until about a month ago. It was a lot of fun and the team I was in placed second with me answering a few questions. I attended the next quiz, two weeks later and once again the team I was in placed second, but this time only because the cricket geeks in my team hammered away at the round of 20 cricket questions rocketing up our team from 5th place to 2nd!

And then this week, this happened. So for a short period, I’m the “top quizzer” in Bombay! 😛 This won’t last, of course, unless I’m really lucky through the year and always end up in winning or placing teams.

The State of Evolution

Kansas Evolution

From the cartoons of R J Matson