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Doctor Who and The pH below

After two episodes, I’m quite enjoying the 11th Doctor. Matt Smith seems to be a bit of David Tennant clone, but I think he should soon have a persona of his own.

This week’s episode, “The Beast Below” takes place in the 29th century. I won’t say anything more, but apparently in 800 or so years, we’ll be going back to using analog pH meters!

Doctor Who - pH meter

The Doctor uses a pH meter to save the day!

Geeky joke

This is an Absolute Geeky domain!

hee hee! 😛

My Daemon from "The Golden Compass"

UPDATE: Stupid movie site seems to have taken away the Flash widget. Sigh.

On Being a Grad Student

If you’ve been following this blog for a bit you’ve obviously noticed the little strip of the latest PhD comics along the top.

PhD Comics is written and drawn By Jorge Cham, a one time grad student at Stanford University and used to be published in their student newspaper but now appears in a number of newspapers across the US as well as on the web.

One of my favourite series of strips is the Star Wars sequence because it appeals to the geeky side of me too! (Like grad students are not geeky enough!)

Oh, did I mention there was a Matrix series too?