Monthly Archives: January 2009

I’m back!

A significant proportion of my blog posts are of the “I’m back” variety. Well, maybe not on this blog… Not yet at least.

Anyway, it’s been a really really long time since I posted here and so much has changed in my life since then it’s crazy even trying to recap.

I did re-organize stuff and the posts that used to be under have been added here. I might even just move to a single WordPress installation and roll all the posts into it. (I’m currently running WordPressMU)

So what prompted my return? Well, I recently looked into my hosting space because I was moving a friend’s site onto it and so logged into my blog. I found a zillion spam awaiting moderation and there was no “Delete All.” Sigh.

Anyway, that prompted me to make one more attempt to get this back on track. So collaborators or no on the Science and Tech blogs, I’m going to try and write here as regularly as I can.

Maybe I can do a recap…